Meeting Her Match


Meeting Her Match

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By Debbie Millbern Powers. Softbound

The Story of a Female Athlete-Coach, Before and After Title IX.

Growing up in basketball-crazed Indiana in the '50s, Debbie Millbern mastered her game on driveway courts against neighborhood boys. Touted as a gifted athlete with an unrelenting passion for competeing, she was relegated to the bleachers while the boys played on school teams. Though conflicted and confused by cultural limitations, Debbie continued to embrace her love for sports. Playing basketball in college gave her a taste of organized competition, but also exposed glaring inequities between men's and women's athletics. After passage of  Title IX  in 1972 mandating equality in sports, Debbie redirected her passion into coaching. Meeting Her Match takes readers on
a heartfelt and entertaining journey as Debbie chronicles her life as an aspiring athlete before
Title IX, and as a coach after.

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