On Point - Four Steps to Better Life Teams


On Point - Four Steps to Better Life Teams

Item Number: BK105


By Del Harris. Paperback autographed copy.

We are inevitably on various Life Teams throughout our lives - family, school, business, church and community, to name the most basic. Whether we are the de facto team leader or a role player, each of us would like our Life Teams to be winning ones. The Four-Step System, described as a metaphor based on four wheels, is intended for all who desire to improve their Influence Quotient, which is a specific kind of intellegience: the ability to influence our teams for a positive outcome.

Mastering the elements in the wheels of the Four Step System provides momentum and enables you to be On Point; regardless of what role you play. The end game is to improve the performance of our Life-Teams by cultivating meaningful relationships, which are far more rewarding than rings or trophies!

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