Thirty-Two Minutes in March


Thirty-Two Minutes in March

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By Matt Roberts

In 1911, Crawfordsville High School won the first Indiana state boys' basketball championship. Since that time, movies, books and popular culture have romanticized Hoosier Hysteria as the consummate high school experience. But most of these versions are trapped in a time loop that ends in the early 1960s. (What was John Wooden's Twitter handle, anyway?)

Thirty-Two Minutes in march provides an updated examination of the game that enthralls the Hoosier state each winter. The book explores the effects of social media, the changing edeucational system, officiating and summer basketball leagues through the lens of a single season.

Tiny, rural, Rockville High School competes in Class 1A with a roster of mostly part-time basketball players. Legendary Crispus Attucks High School carries the weight of history from their Oscar-Robertson-led championships from the 1950s, but is now a medical magnet school. Longtime coach Brian Barber leads exurban Danville High School and his suffered only one losing season at the 3A level. Center Grove's Zach Hahn is three years removed from competing for NCAA championships at Butler University and coaches for the first time at one of the state's largest schools.

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