Vintage NBA - The Pioneer Era 1946-1956


Vintage NBA - The Pioneer Era 1946-1956

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By Neil D. Isaacs. Softbound.

Even the casual sports fan can't help but b e aware of the glitz and glamour of today's National Basketball Association. But it wasn't always that way. The first 10 seasons were turbulent and testing for the new professional basketball organiztion. Twenty-five clubs played in 23 cities during the period, including such unlikely spots as Sheboygan, Wisc., and Anderson, Ind. There were as many as 15 and as few as eight in any one season. Only three of the original franchises (Boston, New York, Philadelphia) survived, and in only two consecutive seasons did the same group of clubs compete (1952-54).

But during a time when multimillion-dollar contracts and product endorsements were unheard of, in a time when the athletes played more for fun then money, the NBA persevered, survived and eventually flourished. In Vintage NBA: The Pioneer Era, the reader is exposed to the era through the remembrances of the league's great players, includling George Mikan, Dolph Schayes, Bob Cousy and Al McGuire, plus a host of others.

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