Indiana Basketball History Magazine - Spring 2013


Indiana Basketball History Magazine - Spring 2013

Monroe City's Battling Blue Jeans of 1948-49 - by Hugh Schaefer

Friday, June 7, 2013 3:00 am

The 1948-49 basketball season was historical for Monroe City High School - enrollment 116.

With several players returning from the season before, hopes were high in Harrison Township in southern Knox County.

1948-49 Monroe City Roster
Melvin Jones (Sr.)    6-0
Doyle Nelson (Sr.)    6-0
Bob Small (Sr.)    5-8
Bill Sutton (Sr.)    6-3
Larry Teverbaugh (Sr.)    5-10
Don Berry (Jr.)    5-9
Bob Lanning (Jr.)    5-10
Lawrence Parker (Jr.)    5-10
Carroll Perry (Jr.)    5-6
Dick Wilson (Jr.)    5-10

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