Indiana Basketball History Magazine - Winter 2017


Indiana Basketball History Magazine - Winter 2017

Indiana Basketball History Magazine - Winter 2017

The Marco Bears

Posted by: Mark Buxton, PhD /Wednesday, March 1, 2017 3:15 pm

Marco is located on Highway 67 in Greene County, about 30 miles northeast of Vincennes and about 95 miles southwest of Indianapolis. Highway 67 connects Vincennes and Indianapolis and turns into Kentucky Avenue on the southwest side of Indianapolis.
Marco first played in the state tournament in 1913 losing to Gary, 28-8. There were no sectionals back in those days, all schools went straight to Bloomington for the state finals. 77 schools entered the tournament the next year and little Marco surprised the big town of Connersville with a 34-10 shellacking and followed that up with 39-23 pummeling of Pendelton. The Bears then dispatched Rockville back to the county of covered bridges with a 15-6 victory. The magical run ended in the next game with a 34-21 loss to Lebanon. Sectional tournaments started the next year in 1915, Marco fielded a squad for the tournament about half of the time through the 1920s but then not again until 1937.   The first sectional win for the Bears was in 1941 over Newberry, 27-23. Marco played in the same sectional with the “big” schools of Bloomfield and Linton who teamed up to win about 70% of the sectionals. Marco had always come up short, their closest chance was in 1944 losing to Switz City in the sectional finals, 32-21.

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